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8 Genius Shark Tank Products Moms Will Love

Shark Tank is not only an entertaining family-friendly show, but a treasure drove for products you never knew you needed. Hardly an episode goes by where, as a viewer, you don’t find yourself Googling at least one of the companies featured… Read more

Ten Woman-Owned Parenting Brands to Support

Not only do these cool necessities make our lives easier, but they also make our family happy—and let’s face it, that’s the ultimate goal. Here are 10 family-friendly products created by women… Read more

New Play Yard Covers Help Protect Against Germs

Concerned parents have one more new product to add to their germ-fighting arsenal. San Diego based company, COVERPLAY has introduced… Read More

logo: The New Parents GuideCoverplayard

We purchased our trusty Graco Pack-n-Play seven years ago, and it is still in use today by our third child. I am glad it has survived all three children… Read More

baby and toddlerTWINS Magazine, May-June 2008 (PDF)

Have you ever been at a hotel with your infant or toddler twins and requested a port-o-crib to use that wasn’t very clean or sanitary. That’s exactly what happened to the Costa family… Read more


Check out this revolutionary new product! It is a slipcover for portable play yards! Make your play yard stylish plus reduces the risk of germs. If you are traveling and are using a hotel play yard… Read More

logo: Cool Mom PicksBaby Jail Makeover

As a fairly frequent flyer, I’ve always packed my own portable play yard because, well, you know why. The thought of using a hotel crib or that borrowed… Read More

logo: Cool Mom PicksEasy Summer Travel Week pick: Coverplay play yard slipcover

I’m no germaphobe, but the idea of putting my bundle of joy in a hotel-supplied Pack-n-Play which may have been cleaned with industrial-strength chemical cleaners or worse, nothing at all, gives me the heebie jeebies… Read More

logo: MamanistaChic and Affordable Decorative Slipcovers

As I prepare for baby’s arrival, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount and cost of all the infant gear marketed to new parents. Borrowing items from family and friends… Read More

logo: Parents With StyleTired of Germs? Then get a Coverplayard!

What a fabulous idea… cover your playard with one of the fabulous slip covers from Coverplayard. If you love to clean your playard by slouching over the sides… Read More