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“I absolutely love the Coverplay!!”

“I absolutely love the Coverplay!! We set up our Play Yard in the living room and used it as a changing station and napping area so we didn’t have to keep running upstairs. It really dresses up what used to be an eyesore and I got so many compliments on it. It was quick and easy to use, quality material that is so soft and great colors!!! It is a fun way to cover up the drab and all-too-familiar designs of the popular playards that everyone has, plus a good alternative to buying another expensive pack-n-play when the second child comes along. Nice solution for traveling too!!!”


“I used to dread going on vacation with the kids…”

“COVERPLAY is the perfect answer to my ‘germaphobic’ tendencies. I took it with me on vacation to a major hotel chain and then to a summer shore rental. Both places were clean, but in the past I’d refused to let my infant sleep in a Play Yard used by multiple strangers. In fact, I used to dread going on vacation with the kids because the thought of packing a Play Yard was so daunting. That’s why COVERPLAY is the solution to all my issues. I don’t have to pack a Play Yard and I don’t have to worry about germs.

“Not only is COVERPLAY easy to use, it’s multi-functional. I even spiced up my old, out-of-date Play Yard with a cool COVERPLAY cover that actually matches my living room furniture. It single-handedly gave me my living space back while providing a baby-friendly atmosphere for my son. My living room looks neat, but Sam has a place to sleep and hang out as well.”


“…so easy to clean, his play yard always looks fresh.”

“Dear Coverplay,

“Just wanted to write and say thanks for your great product. As a new mommy I tend to be a bit over protective and was a little leery when I went to stay at a friend’s house and she had an old play yard that was stained and dirty. I used my Coverplay and felt great knowing it was clean and he didn’t have to sleep in a strange place. It looked so good that I continued using it on his own play yard at our house. And it’s so easy to clean so his play yard always looks fresh. Thanks again,”


Triplets? “Thank you for making my life just a little easier.”

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“This cover is just awesome. I have five month old triplets that were born two months early. Because of this, they spit up a ton. It’s nice to just pull the play cover off and throw it in the washing machine. I don’t have any of the build up of crust in the corners that are just impossible to clean. The babies also love staring at the patterns on the material. Thank you for making my life just a little easier.”

“…the portable crib they provided wasn’t clean…”

“Dear Coverplay,

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how fabulous your Coverplay was recently. We went out of town with our one-and-a-half year old and the portable crib they provided us wasn’t as clean as I had hoped. Luckily, I had Coverplay and not only did my son love the bright colors, but it was so handy and easy to throw over the crib! I love this product and am eagerly spreading the word to all my hip mommies. Thanks for coming up with such a necessary and easy product for children!”


“I just … pack it in my suitcase.”

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“I LOVE my Coverplay — what a great concept and design. My play yard is too heavy to carry around so I rely on using other people’s play yards when I travel. The coverplay allows me to conveniently use other people’s play yards without worrying about dirt and germs. I just take off the Coverplay and pack it in my suitcase. It’s fantastic!”

“The coverplay allows me to comfortably allow my friends kids to use my play yard. I just take out one of my many cool coverplays and place it over my play yard. When finished, I can easily remove it, wash it and put it away for the next guest!”