Doctor Reviews

Pediatrician-recommended for germ control:

“As a Pediatrician and a new Mommy, I wholeheartedly endorse COVERPLAY.

“My daughter inherited her Play Yard from her two older boy cousins, so not only did it have signs and symptoms of wear and tear, it also reflected the style of their childhood, which is now outdated. We set up the play yard in our living room, right next to my husband’s office, and needed an antidote to our problem of unsightly appearance…

“The solution was COVERPLAY! It is fashionable and hygienic, can be taken anywhere and is machine washable — we love ours and so does our daughter. When friends come over, they are impressed that it matches our decor and that we managed to keep our identity while incorporating necessities for our little one!

“Thank you COVERPLAY for developing this safe, clean and beautifully fabulous product!”

…a necessity in protecting our children from infectious disease:

“I have been involved in pediatrics as a professor of pediatrics for the past thirty-eight years. This product is a necessity in protecting our children from infectious disease. This product will allow children to rest in an environment that will help shield them from infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Every year millions of infections in children occur because of the failure to protect against infectious diseases that cause diarrhea, pneumonia and multiple other infectious diseases. This simple product will help in protecting children against contaminated play yards. I highly endorse this wonderful product.”

…a clean, dust free environment for play and sleep:

“I highly recommend this product for home and travel. It is easy to use, washable and convenient. The cover fits easily on the play yard and provides a clean, dust free environment for play and sleep. I use this product at my home when my grandson visits. It provides a germ free and comfortable place for him to sleep and play. What a great idea!”

…a washable, reusable slipcover for play yards:

“I was shown the Coverplay product. It is a slipcover for portable play yards, which is washable and reusable. Considering how difficult these play yards are to clean, and that they are a germ’s delight, this is a phenomenal product. I personally intend to use the product for my own grandchildren and highly recommend it.”