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More DIRTY Hotels

How often do you check into a hotel and immediately regret it the second you walked into the door? Here is a video with the top 10 dirtiest hotels in America based on customer reviews. The New York Inn for example was #6 on the list, it had mold around the bathroom faucet, a towel stuffed in the window to hold it shut and a suspicious brown stain on the mattress.

Other hotels had mold on the coffeemaker, the mini-fridge and even on the bed frame. Check out some of the trip reviews on TripAdvisor. The managers of these hotels said improvements are being made and blame a weak cleaning staff and a hurricane over two years ago. Regardless of their excuses, you should have no excuses for not protecting your baby. This video is a great example of why Pack ‘n Play play yard slipcovers are a must on vacations.

COVERPLAY slipcovers are easy to pack, easy to use and will help keep your baby safe from germs and bacteria that may be all over your room.