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New York Times Features COVERPLAY Slip Covers

Germs and Traveling

Included in a blog post titled, “Novel Anti-Germ Devices for Travelers,” COVERPLAY was included next to another “anti-germ” device called the “Germ Guardian.” The premise of the blog was to discuss things we can buy during this heavy flu season to keep us from getting sick. I have included the blog post below, but also a link to the article as well. See the blog post by Michelle Higgins below.

Germs and traveling - NY Ttimes article

Cough, cough, sniff, sniff. If you’re traveling this flu season, chances are you’ll hear these sounds on your trip.

If you’re afraid of getting sick, you’re not alone. Almost 90 percent of United States travelers say they are worried about germs while traveling, according to a recent survey by Tripadvisor. And 55 percent said they would request a new seat if their seatmate looked sick.

While that’s not always possible, given how tightly airlines are packing planes these days, diligent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers is usually enough to help ward off infection. But for those who feel they need more protection, companies are offering new products for germ-a-phobes on the go.

Germ Guardian. An 11-inch wand that uses ultraviolet C light to zap viruses and bacteria when waved over an airline seat, hotel bedspread and other dirty surfaces. Cost: $59.99

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer. An antiseptic solution “formulated for the vulnerable and sensitive skin at the distal area of the nose” to help “control germ populations that come to reside there,” according to its Web site. Cost: $14.99

Coverplay Slipcover. A machine-washable, hygienic slipcover designed to fit over children’s portable play yards like the popular Pack ‘n Play offered at many hotels. “Each month, dozens of families in the hotel are using the same portable crib,” states a vividly worded press release. Between uses, “they grow harmful bacteria from saliva, urine, vomit and bloody noses.” Cost: $49.99 to $59.99.