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Everybody Loves Coverplay!

“COVERPLAY slipcovers offer an essential solution for parents. The soiled play yard slipcover can be pulled off the play yard and thrown into the wash for a good cleansing. In a very short time, baby has a clean play yard to enjoy. What’s also important is women who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer have weakened immune systems. It is important for these mothers to stay well during their treatments, and COVERPLAY slipcovers will help keep them and their young children protected from germs.

“Tina Koral, author of If I Just Breathe and a breast cancer survivor, is pregnant with her second child. When we spoke to Tina about the COVERPLAY, she had this to offer: ‘There are so many useless products created for infants and moms, so I was so excited to read about COVERPLAY. As a mom of a toddler with parents and in-laws out of state, we travel quite a bit to visit them. In addition to the stroller and car seat, we also brought along our own Pack ‘N Play to avoid borrowing one from a hotel. Who knows how many babies have used it, drooled in it, and worse. Now we can leave the heavy Pack ‘N Play at home, and simply travel with the Coverplay. What a fantastic product.’

“The inventor of the COVERPLAY product is Allison Costa. The product was developed after Costa, the mother of twin boys, grew concerned after discovering how difficult it was to clean her children’s play yards. The resulting convenient solution was COVERPLAY slipcovers to make like easier for parents. With fellow designer and partner Amy Feldman, they created a line of play yard covers in over 20 different designs, ranging in price from $49.99 – $59.99.”