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Massive Children’s Product Recalls

I read an article on CBS News that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is voluntarily recalling two products that are considered a risk to children. The article describes the recalled products below.

Inez Tenenbaum, chairman of the CPSC, spoke on “The Early Show” about what is being recalled and why. Four million inflatable baby floats are being recalled because they are easy to tear. Tenenbaum said, “…Parents need to be aware, if you have a plastic float, that the child’s weight really cannot be handled by just this little simple plastic part (holding the child above the water).”

She added if the child weighs more than the float can handle, the child “is going to go through.” “I think parents just need to never leave a child unsupervised,” she said, “and be very, very careful with any kind of float with children.”

child's cribs recalled

Another recall involves 400,000 baby cribs for fear children may be caught in the large space when the side is dropped. Tenenbaum said the Simplicity brand crib has killed 10 children. “In all,” she said, “we have recalled two million of these in the past few years because the company would change the hardware, but it never worked,” she said.
Tenenbaum added that one 8-month-old child in Houston, Texas, recently suffocated because the child became wedged between the crib’s parts.

The company is no longer doing daily business, Tenenbaum said, but added that in order to protect our babies, parents should be aware of their baby’s crib brand and not use any crib made by Simplicity Inc.