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Slipcovers for Your Pets

Last weekend I came across some pictures of my roommates’ English Bulldog Stella when she was a puppy. When she was that age, we lived in a house that had a pool, and we used to put her in a play yard when we were swimming because we were worried about her falling in the water. Thus, my post for this week discusses yet another great reason to have Coverplay slipcovers — pets.

Using Coverplay’s slipcovers for your pets has some outstanding benefits. The first of course, being able to put your pets in a clean, bacteria-free play yard when they are young. There are so many times when you want to be able to sit down, relax and not wonder if your new pair of shoes are your puppy’s afternoon snack. The second benefit is being able to pull the slip cover out and wash it when you are still potty-training your pet. This is priceless, I remember how hard it was to clean that play pen during the hot summer days after Stella had been sitting in it for a while. Having a removable slipcover would have been so much easier. The third is pack ‘n play. Now you can take your pets along with you on vacations and not have to leave them at home. Slipcovers are great for vacations and easily cover dirty hotel play yards.

So while slipcovers are designed for your babies, they work for your pets as well. And if you have a pet and are thinking about having a child in the near future, start using slipcovers now and get used to feeling comfortable knowing your loved ones aren’t exposed to bacteria and germs when they are in their play yards.