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How To Clean A Play Yard

Let’s think about everything that goes on in a play yard.  Babies eat, drink, drool, teethe, play, sleep, pee pee and poo poo, (yes, we said that).  All of this can create a germ-filled and pretty dirty play yard.

Cleaning a play yard is not so easy. Not only are we going to tell you how to clean them, we are also going to show you a video on how to clean them. This you have to see!

First, fill a bathtub with hot boiling water add baking soda, vinegar and laundry soap. You can’t use everyday cleaners — they may be toxic for babies.  Then put all the components of the play yard in the tub and soak it for about an hour. After an hour, go back to the bathroom to turn it over to clean the flip side. Oh and don’t be too grossed out by what you see!  The water will be dark brown and filthy.  To think your little one was sleeping in this! After you soak the play yard, bring it outside and rinse with a hose. Then, let it stay outside until it is dry. (Hopefully it isn’t winter and 20 degrees.) You may want to repeat!

Another option for keeping your play yard clean is pretty simple. Just use a washable COVERPLAY slipcover!! The COVERPLAY slipcover lines the inside and outside of the play yard, keeping your baby protected from ick and yuck.  After the COVERPLAY slipcover gets dirty, toss it in the laundry. It is that simple! You can choose from a variety of cool patterns and designs that really make the play yard look great.

COVERPLAY now offers their own brand of SAFE and affordable play yards that meet the highest safety standards. COVERPLAY play yards are JPMA certified!

Keep your little ones safe and happy and use the first play yard slipcover designed for your little ones. COVERPLAY, as seen on SHARK TANK, is MOM created and WOMAN OWNED.

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Toddler Travels — Tips

If you are planning a vacation to your favorite destination and want to have real fun and adventure, take your kids along with you. However, a number of things must be kept in mind about toddler travels. Therefore, to make sure the trip becomes pleasurable for both you and your kids, it is better to plan and prepare well in advance.

Plan Your Toddler Travels

Here are five valuable tips that you should follow to make your vacation with family a memorable one.

  • As kids tend to become restless during the flight, take along with you a variety of magazines, books, board games, radio, music, toys, and snacks to suit the likes and dislikes of your kid. These things will help you to keep the child happy and distracted even when confined in the airplane.
  • Make sure you bring along a warm blanket and a spare set of comfortable clothes for them to ensure they are comfortable in the flight. Besides, give due importance to making good sleeping arrangements for them at the destination. Plan in advance for this in accordance with the current weather conditions of the place you are planning to go to.
  • As children are more prone to accidents and small injuries, be well prepared with the first-aid kit, well equipped with tweezers, antiseptic lotion, bandages, ointments, pain relievers, cotton, gauze pads, mosquito repellants, cough drops, and a few prescription medicines for fever, throat infection, diarrhea, nausea, headache, and vomiting.
  • The luggage should be packed keeping in mind all the essentials required. This would depend on the climate of the vacation destination and the number of days for which you will be gone.
  • Travel games, to suit the age of your children, are a must to keep the kids happy and involved during long drives and road trips.

If you are traveling with the kids, Coverplay is great for germ-proofing hotel play yards or when borrowing gear from friends. In fact, Coverplay proudly supplies several hotel chains, including Hilton, Hyatt, Club Med, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, and more. It’s a must-have for kids on the go and perfect for daycare centers, too! And all our slipcover designs come with a matching tote so you can travel in style.

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Travel With Kids & Keep Your Sanity

Family vacations are a great opportunity for parents and children to grow closer and take a break from the stress of everyday life. However, traveling with children comes with a whole new list of stressors that must be taken into consideration and adequately planned for in order to have the best traveling experience possible. Although traveling with children may be difficult at times, if you plan for these difficulties you will be able to have an enjoyable trip while keeping your sanity.

Travel with Kids: the Inevitable Question

Long car rides are tough on children, as anyone who has endured the infinitely repeated question “Are we there yet?” knows. Many variables can be blamed for the impatience children experience on long car trips, and two of the most popular ones are boredom and discomfort. Active children naturally want to move around, to be doing something, rather than to be sitting in the backseat for hours on end.

To cure the boredom of children when going on a long car trip, make sure that you bring a selection of games and other activities that are appropriate for the car. Card games, dice games, and some board games are great ways to keep your children entertained while traveling. With technology becoming more and more advanced, and less and less expensive, you can also bring movies and video games to keep your children occupied while you drive.

Portable DVD players and personal game consoles will allow them to watch their favorite movies and play the newest games while you sing along to your favorite radio station. However, when planning what activities to bring, make sure you set the ground rules; although baseball or basketball may be a favorite activity among the children, it is not appropriate to play either while in the car. The activities that you provide should be entertaining, but must be safe.

Discomfort, the second of the two most common culprits responsible for endless “Are we there yet?” pleas, can also be easily fixed. First, make sure that you have packed your car in such a way that allows the children plenty of room to stretch out.

If you travel with kids, Coverplay is great for germ-proofing hotel play yards or when borrowing gear from friends. In fact, Coverplay proudly supplies several hotel chains, including Hilton, Hyatt, Club Med, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, and more. It’s a must-have for kids on the go and perfect for daycare centers, too! And all our slipcover designs come with a matching tote so you can travel in style.

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Baby Travel Solution

Traveling with a young infant or child can be a challenging experience. There are a lot of extra supplies that a child requires, especially when going on a trip. One item you no longer have to worry about bringing with you, though, is a play yard — once you have discovered the beautiful simplicity of Coverplay.

Coverplay is a slipcover for play yards that comes in numerous unique designs. You no longer have to stress about using someone else’s play yard, when you have this protective cover that provides a germ-free environment for children. Now, when traveling and staying in different hotels, you can protect your child from viruses and germs by providing a pediatrician-recommended cover that creates a clean place for a child to sleep and play in.

Not only does it provide a protective environment for your child, it also fits any standard size play yard. This way, when you are staying with friends and family, you don’t have to fuss and toil over fitting the Coverplay on their play yard. It has five different slits that allow it to measure up to any common play yard. It also has ties that can be adjusted and secured to the legs of various play yards.

It is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep clean. The Coverplay also comes with a stylish matching tote that allows you to easily transport the slipcover or store it away until your next adventure. Make traveling to the beach, parks or daycare a breeze by trying out the chic and functional Coverplay.

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Traveling with Kids

Today I am writing about the stress of traveling with kids… as parents, we get excited to plan our big trip with the family. What happens? D-day arrives and we start to freak out (or at least I do)! It is hard enough getting ourselves ready and, let’s be honest, most of us need to help our spouses as well; and if you are single mom, like I was for a while… forget about it. We all have our internal checklist: cancel paper, set light timer, notify alarm company, throw away food that may spoil, empty trash, ugh. I wish that was just the half of it.

Truly the hardest part for me is packing for my little ones. Especially when they were babies. The list is quite frankly endless: bottles, diapers, snacks, “sippy” cups, baby wipes, toys, bibs, baby sun block, medications (in case they get sick), car seats, baby shampoo and so on.

Thankfully, there are some great companies that will deliver everything you need right to your hotel. I happen to be super anal when packing and believe, wherever I am, there are not stores for me to purchase all my necessities; or maybe I am just lazy and want to enjoy my trip as soon as I arrive at my hotel.

This is how COVERPLAY came to be… it was one less worry on my very long list of them. It was much easier for me to throw the COVERPLAY slip cover in my bag and not carry two 25 lb. play yards with me.

Some tips for traveling with kids

Over the years, I would like to say, I have perfected traveling with my kids but I honestly think it is just because they have gotten older and I need LESS STUFF. But one of the tricks I have learned is to ask how can I make this a learning experience for them, as well. So I worked my magic and created color-coded bags for them. In those, I have snacks (low in sugar, because the last thing I need are hyped-up kids), coloring books, washable markers (for when they draw on the hotel walls) and games (quiet ones, so they don’t disturb other passengers on the plane). I also include amenities like a toothbrush and shampoo. Each child is responsible for their bag and the belongings in them. I color code everything because it reduces fighting over what’s theirs. Any mom with more than one child knows this always happens. We also know what will amuse our kids. It truly is a great way to personalize it based on your child likes.

I also keep a change of clothing in my carry-on bag: a couple pairs of underwear and a pair of pants. I learned from experience that children spill their drinks constantly and then they whine when they need to sit in wet pants for four hours on a plane… I reduced this oopsie.

And the most important item: FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. I feel as if I am carrying a buffet in my bag as I board the plane. I must admit I love taking Lunchables — minus the drinks of course. They are super easy to throw in the bag, they don’t leak and come in many varieties. I also am a huge fan of mini boxes of cereal… especially if you have a child who is a picky eater, like I do. Once the kids were old enough, I did bring gum to keep their ears from hurting and always my trusty bottle of kids’ Motrin — you just never know — and, truthfully, if your kids have DVD players or iPods, make sure they are well charged and don’t forget the headset.

Do you have any travel tips? Check out Marriott’s Tots Travel Too contest and give us your tip for a chance to win a COVERPLAY and more.