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How To Clean A Play Yard

Let’s think about everything that goes on in a play yard.  Babies eat, drink, drool, teethe, play, sleep, pee pee and poo poo, (yes, we said that).  All of this can create a germ-filled and pretty dirty play yard.

Cleaning a play yard is not so easy. Not only are we going to tell you how to clean them, we are also going to show you a video on how to clean them. This you have to see!

First, fill a bathtub with hot boiling water add baking soda, vinegar and laundry soap. You can’t use everyday cleaners — they may be toxic for babies.  Then put all the components of the play yard in the tub and soak it for about an hour. After an hour, go back to the bathroom to turn it over to clean the flip side. Oh and don’t be too grossed out by what you see!  The water will be dark brown and filthy.  To think your little one was sleeping in this! After you soak the play yard, bring it outside and rinse with a hose. Then, let it stay outside until it is dry. (Hopefully it isn’t winter and 20 degrees.) You may want to repeat!

Another option for keeping your play yard clean is pretty simple. Just use a washable COVERPLAY slipcover!! The COVERPLAY slipcover lines the inside and outside of the play yard, keeping your baby protected from ick and yuck.  After the COVERPLAY slipcover gets dirty, toss it in the laundry. It is that simple! You can choose from a variety of cool patterns and designs that really make the play yard look great.

COVERPLAY now offers their own brand of SAFE and affordable play yards that meet the highest safety standards. COVERPLAY play yards are JPMA certified!

Keep your little ones safe and happy and use the first play yard slipcover designed for your little ones. COVERPLAY, as seen on SHARK TANK, is MOM created and WOMAN OWNED.

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Germs and Daycare

Germs are all over the place. And day care germs abound! They’re too little to see but we know they’re there. Youngsters can transmit germs with out ever acquiring ill themselves. They can catch common colds, ear infections, diarrhea and worse. More life-threatening sicknesses like chicken pox, impetigo and hepatitis are also spread by germs. Toys are an automobile for day care germs, so are unwashed hands of a caregiver right after diaper change or blowing a kid’s runny nose. Runny noses don’t constantly mean a kid is unwell, but the child can likewise be carrying some thing perfect beneath your nose as we say, and you will not know it for a few days until your signs start out showing. So how can you cut back on day care germs and lessen your kid’s ill days? Each toddler gets unwell eventually with the regular cold, but prospects of spreading it on the other day care young children and the ill kid’s loved ones can be greatly reduced by following a couple of uncomplicated rules when it comes to germs and daycare.

Constantly maintain up-to-date with your kid’s immunizations. Schools will not enroll young children in kindergarten without having the immunization records filled out by the family unit physician. The same requirements should be met for daycare enrollment at the same time. Maintain copies of your kid’s immunization records and have them prepared to give to the daycare provider. It is possible to request info on the other kids enrolled inside daycare facility as well. All youngsters enrolled in any daycare facility your youngster is going to ought to be inoculated.

You should always have a backup arrangement for days when your child is sick and can’t attend daycare. Even if you suspect your child is catching something, he ought to be kept at home. The other daycare mothers will appreciate your conformity with this and they ought to follow suit. But you’ll find occasions when some mothers and fathers disregard the customary considerations surrounding youngsters attending public environments and send their kids off to daycare sick anyway.

As one of the most popular infant items, play yards get heavy use and suffer the wear and tear of frequent spills. Coverplay is the only high-quality, decorative bedding that is pediatrician recommended for portable play yards. Our unique patented design fits snugly over the entire play yard, protecting your baby with a hygienic barrier that’s super soft and easy to clean. Toss the slipcover into the washing machine and it’s good to go.

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Cotton Lycra Fabrics at Coverplay

Coverplay offers many of its designs and yard covers in cotton lycra fabrics. Never heard of lycra before? It is a really great fabric to use, and here is some general information about it.*

“Garments made with Lycra® have a number of advantages besides being able to stretch. Lycra® allows garments to be more lightweight, comfortable and breathable. It is quick drying and dyes very well, and it is resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet (UV) rays and chlorine. Static cling and pilling are eliminated in garments with Lycra®. Though stretch fabrics are not as durable as fabrics without spandex, Lycra® is the most durable alternative, offering a great improvement over rubber.

“It is quite rare to find undergarments, swimsuits and athletic apparel made without spandex these days, but Lycra® is used in a much wider range of clothing types. One of its most valuable uses is in orthopedic compression garments. Recently, Indian designer Deepika Govind has updated the traditional sari by using fabrics made with Lycra®. One of the newest innovations in spandex is black Lycra®, used in a new line of La Perla undergarments for women. Black Lycra® is naturally black, making for an extremely intense and uniform black fabric that resists fading.”

So if you want your child to receive the best of both Coverplay and cotton lycra, you are in luck! Shop at Coverplay today!

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Directions for Your Coverplay

So you have received your Coverplay slipcover, but now what? It is really easy to slip it right over your child’s play yard and make it germ-free and beautiful! Here are directions for your Coverplay, if you might be having trouble, courtesy of our website:

  1. Assemble your portable play yard according to the instructions that come with your specific model/brand. Do not place the mat inside the play yard until after COVERPLAY is properly secured.
  2. Remove COVERPLAY from its package and place over the portable play yard. Align the slits on the bottom of COVERPLAY with the slits on the bottom of your portable play yard.
  3. On the underside of your mat, open the two hook and loop tabs and place through the slits in the bottom of both COVERPLAY and your portable play yard. (See fig. 1)
  4. Secure the hook and loop enclosures. Lock your mat in place by pressing down on all four corners.
  5. Secure the attached hook and loop tabs around all the legs of your portable play yard. (See Fig. 2)

Coverplay Instructions - 1

Coverplay Instructions - 2

Editor’s note: the original instructions are here and our two-and-a-half minute video demonstration shows how simple and quick Coverplay setup can be!

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A Simple Fit

A slipcover for your child’s play yard may seem like a hassle to take on and off. Having a baby is a wonderful blessing, but it can also be a lot of work. You may be thinking, why do I need another piece of fabric for my play yard that I have to worry about? Coverplay is a slipcover that is much more than just another piece of fabric, though, and it can easily fit onto any standard size play yard.

Coverplay is a hygienic and decorative slipcover made for portable play yards. Its stretchy cotton and lycra material makes it effortless to pull over any length or dimension of the play yard structure. Also, most moms are extremely protective and worry about extra material becoming a danger to their child. This will not be a problem with the wonderfully adjusting slits and ties that each and every Coverplay is made with.

“How-To” Helps:

For step-by-step details or a short, video demonstration of how to put on fitted slipcovers for play yards, refer to:
instructionswatch us do it

Putting on a Coverplay slipcover is a straightforward process that can be done quickly and effectively. First you put the Coverplay slipcover over your play yard. After you get it on, you can pull it down along all four sides of your play yard. At the bottom inside of the play yard, you will find five slits on either side of the Coverplay slipcover, put there so you can perfectly size up your slipcover to your play yard. On the underside of the play yard mat, there will be a Velcro strap. This strap should be matched up with the closest corresponding slit. Then pull this strap through the slit and firmly attach the strap to lock the base of the slipcover into place. Both sides of the mat should be secured into place. After this is done, you will notice on the outside of the play yard at the bottom you have six leg straps on your Coverplay. You will connect them to your play yard legs by wrapping them around the play yard and locking them with the Velcro.

After taking these simple steps, you will have updated your child’s play yard, giving it a fresh new look. This will create a clean and comfortable sleep environment your child deserves.