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A Simple Fit

A slipcover for your child’s play yard may seem like a hassle to take on and off. Having a baby is a wonderful blessing, but it can also be a lot of work. You may be thinking, why do I need another piece of fabric for my play yard that I have to worry about? Coverplay is a slipcover that is much more than just another piece of fabric, though, and it can easily fit onto any standard size play yard.

Coverplay is a hygienic and decorative slipcover made for portable play yards. Its stretchy cotton and lycra material makes it effortless to pull over any length or dimension of the play yard structure. Also, most moms are extremely protective and worry about extra material becoming a danger to their child. This will not be a problem with the wonderfully adjusting slits and ties that each and every Coverplay is made with.

“How-To” Helps:

For step-by-step details or a short, video demonstration of how to put on fitted slipcovers for play yards, refer to:
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Putting on a Coverplay slipcover is a straightforward process that can be done quickly and effectively. First you put the Coverplay slipcover over your play yard. After you get it on, you can pull it down along all four sides of your play yard. At the bottom inside of the play yard, you will find five slits on either side of the Coverplay slipcover, put there so you can perfectly size up your slipcover to your play yard. On the underside of the play yard mat, there will be a Velcro strap. This strap should be matched up with the closest corresponding slit. Then pull this strap through the slit and firmly attach the strap to lock the base of the slipcover into place. Both sides of the mat should be secured into place. After this is done, you will notice on the outside of the play yard at the bottom you have six leg straps on your Coverplay. You will connect them to your play yard legs by wrapping them around the play yard and locking them with the Velcro.

After taking these simple steps, you will have updated your child’s play yard, giving it a fresh new look. This will create a clean and comfortable sleep environment your child deserves.