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Designer Play Yards

Slipcovers for your play yard can create a fresh new look in your baby’s room. Many play yards come in standard solid colors that have had the same look for years. If you long for a beautiful new style that will enliven the look of your baby’s room, Coverplay slipcovers are the solution. This novel invention can invigorate the look of any play yard. Coverplay is a hygienic and portable slipcover perfectly manufactured to fit any portable play yards.

This brand not only offers an abundance of different colors, patterns and styles, but they also allow you to match the Coverplay pattern in their virtual room creator. This wonderful web tool allows you to pick from multiple Coverplay patterns. Then you can either create a room from scratch using the immense amount of colors provided or you can even upload a photo from your own personal room to see how the slipcover’s design would look in your home.

Whether you are a new mom or have another child on the way, Coverplay can give you the many styles and options to match any room you decide to move your portable play yard to. They provide many stylish choices from colorful stripes or polka dots to chic mixes of both in gorgeous colors. Selections are made easier to find by being categorized into the more popular styles for boys and the more popular styles for girls. There is even a link for their soft chenille styles that come in beautifully smart colors for boys and girls. Not to mention the chenille fabric adds softness and soothing tones to create a wonderful environment for your baby.

Whatever room design you have in mind for your baby, you will be able to find a beautiful and unique Coverplay to match it. Style is not all these fashionable slipcovers have to offer, though; they also protect against viruses and germs, providing a wonderful sleep environment for your baby. They are easy to clean and safe to put in the washer and dryer. Coverplay easily folds for a simple storage solution and fits any standard size play yards, so pick one out today.

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Pediatrician Recommended Slipcovers for Babies

Becoming a parent means there is a whole new world of dangers you begin to worry about. Keeping your children germ-free is a big part of that stress. Coverplay, a slipcover for play yards, can help decrease some of that stress by providing a line of defense from germs. This wonderful design comes pediatrician recommended. Many pediatricians even use this product to protect their own children and grandchildren.

“Every year millions of infections in children occur because of the failure to protect against infectious diseases that cause diarrhea, pneumonia and multiple other infectious diseases. This simple product will help in protecting children against contaminated play yards.”

Coverplay is a wonderful collection of stylish slipcovers that provide an easy fit over almost any standard size play yard. They provide an area where a safe environment is created for your child to sleep and play in. Obviously, as time goes on, messes and nature play a role in creating stains. Luckily, with Coverplay you can properly cleanse it to keep the bacteria and viruses away. Coverplay is machine washable and easy to take on and off your play yard.

The Coverplay slipcover has become an essential solution for shielding young children from infectious diseases. As a parent, you are constantly worrying about what might be coming into contact with your child. The Coverplay will help reduce some of that stress and worry by giving your child a convenient and clean play yard safeguarded from germs and viruses.

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Baby Travel Solution

Traveling with a young infant or child can be a challenging experience. There are a lot of extra supplies that a child requires, especially when going on a trip. One item you no longer have to worry about bringing with you, though, is a play yard — once you have discovered the beautiful simplicity of Coverplay.

Coverplay is a slipcover for play yards that comes in numerous unique designs. You no longer have to stress about using someone else’s play yard, when you have this protective cover that provides a germ-free environment for children. Now, when traveling and staying in different hotels, you can protect your child from viruses and germs by providing a pediatrician-recommended cover that creates a clean place for a child to sleep and play in.

Not only does it provide a protective environment for your child, it also fits any standard size play yard. This way, when you are staying with friends and family, you don’t have to fuss and toil over fitting the Coverplay on their play yard. It has five different slits that allow it to measure up to any common play yard. It also has ties that can be adjusted and secured to the legs of various play yards.

It is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep clean. The Coverplay also comes with a stylish matching tote that allows you to easily transport the slipcover or store it away until your next adventure. Make traveling to the beach, parks or daycare a breeze by trying out the chic and functional Coverplay.

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Adding Style to Your Home

As a parent, decorating your home can be fun filled and exciting to make it the way you want. Fortunately, you can find every piece you need that matches your style. But what about play yards for your children? How often do you see a stylish design that jumps out at you and isn’t some bland contraption thrown together without any care for aesthetics? Never. Which is exactly another reason Coverplay rules!

Coverplay adds flair and design to your child’s play yard so you can make it match your style and make your home look even better! It also repels germs, so your house will be clean and stylish! Don’t wait to get your Coverplay slip cover, it might be gone when you go looking!

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Incredible Cover for Your Baby Pack ‘n Play

A Pack ‘n Play (or play yard) is essential for parents and their children, whether they are traveling or at home. Millions of parents every year are concerned about keeping their play yards clean and free of germs. Any parent who has ever owned a baby Pack ‘n Play knows that they are extremely difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to effectively wash. However, one mom has come up with an idea to remedy these issues and help parents keep their children safe, free of germs and viruses, and even adding to the décor of their homes.

Pack 'n Play slip cover

These products are slip covers for play yards and are designed to fit perfectly over a standard baby play yard. Many hotel chains are now carrying COVERPLAY slip covers to provide healthier and safer environments for their younger guests. Some of these hotel clients include Disney, Hilton and Club Med, Marriott and more.

In addition to being worried about keeping a child’s playpen clean, there is the issue of rips and tears in the play yard from heavy use, as well as unsightly stains or patterns that a parent would rather cover than replace. Rather than spending money on a new play yard, COVERPLAY slip covers can transform the play yard they have completely, enhancing the look and making it brand new! Better yet, let’s say your first child was a boy and now you have a girl — you can change the look of the play yard to match the décor of your child’s room. There are more than a dozen patterns, colors and styles available from COVERPLAY. The web site,, also offers two different fabrics: a cotton Lycra slipcover and a chenille slipcover.

While play yards are typically portable, families that travel often quickly find out that they can still be somewhat difficult to transport. As well, with the price of checking luggage, it is a cost most parents would like to avoid. With hotels offering play yards to their guests, the COVERPLAY slip cover becomes a more convenient and affordable option for parents. At only 1 pound, it’s easy to throw in your suitcase right next to your favorite shirt! As well, it eliminates the worry and wonder of how clean the hotel play yard is that is being provided. Placing an infant or toddler in a play pen that hasn’t been properly cleaned can lead to severe illness for a child. Even when cleaned, viruses can still live on the rails of a play yard for up to four days. Until recently, parents had two choices when traveling away from home: they could take a chance with the play yard the hotel provides or they could lug their own play yard all over the place instead. COVERPLAY eliminates this hassle.

Machine washable, clean, safe, colorful and easy to use for travel and home are the elements that make COVERPLAY slip covers an essential product to own for every parent.