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Pediatrician Recommended Slipcovers for Babies

Becoming a parent means there is a whole new world of dangers you begin to worry about. Keeping your children germ-free is a big part of that stress. Coverplay, a slipcover for play yards, can help decrease some of that stress by providing a line of defense from germs. This wonderful design comes pediatrician recommended. Many pediatricians even use this product to protect their own children and grandchildren.

“Every year millions of infections in children occur because of the failure to protect against infectious diseases that cause diarrhea, pneumonia and multiple other infectious diseases. This simple product will help in protecting children against contaminated play yards.”

Coverplay is a wonderful collection of stylish slipcovers that provide an easy fit over almost any standard size play yard. They provide an area where a safe environment is created for your child to sleep and play in. Obviously, as time goes on, messes and nature play a role in creating stains. Luckily, with Coverplay you can properly cleanse it to keep the bacteria and viruses away. Coverplay is machine washable and easy to take on and off your play yard.

The Coverplay slipcover has become an essential solution for shielding young children from infectious diseases. As a parent, you are constantly worrying about what might be coming into contact with your child. The Coverplay will help reduce some of that stress and worry by giving your child a convenient and clean play yard safeguarded from germs and viruses.