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Baby Travel Solution

Traveling with a young infant or child can be a challenging experience. There are a lot of extra supplies that a child requires, especially when going on a trip. One item you no longer have to worry about bringing with you, though, is a play yard — once you have discovered the beautiful simplicity of Coverplay.

Coverplay is a slipcover for play yards that comes in numerous unique designs. You no longer have to stress about using someone else’s play yard, when you have this protective cover that provides a germ-free environment for children. Now, when traveling and staying in different hotels, you can protect your child from viruses and germs by providing a pediatrician-recommended cover that creates a clean place for a child to sleep and play in.

Not only does it provide a protective environment for your child, it also fits any standard size play yard. This way, when you are staying with friends and family, you don’t have to fuss and toil over fitting the Coverplay on their play yard. It has five different slits that allow it to measure up to any common play yard. It also has ties that can be adjusted and secured to the legs of various play yards.

It is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep clean. The Coverplay also comes with a stylish matching tote that allows you to easily transport the slipcover or store it away until your next adventure. Make traveling to the beach, parks or daycare a breeze by trying out the chic and functional Coverplay.