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Incredible Cover for Your Baby Pack ‘n Play

A Pack ‘n Play (or play yard) is essential for parents and their children, whether they are traveling or at home. Millions of parents every year are concerned about keeping their play yards clean and free of germs. Any parent who has ever owned a baby Pack ‘n Play knows that they are extremely difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to effectively wash. However, one mom has come up with an idea to remedy these issues and help parents keep their children safe, free of germs and viruses, and even adding to the décor of their homes.

Pack 'n Play slip cover

These products are slip covers for play yards and are designed to fit perfectly over a standard baby play yard. Many hotel chains are now carrying COVERPLAY slip covers to provide healthier and safer environments for their younger guests. Some of these hotel clients include Disney, Hilton and Club Med, Marriott and more.

In addition to being worried about keeping a child’s playpen clean, there is the issue of rips and tears in the play yard from heavy use, as well as unsightly stains or patterns that a parent would rather cover than replace. Rather than spending money on a new play yard, COVERPLAY slip covers can transform the play yard they have completely, enhancing the look and making it brand new! Better yet, let’s say your first child was a boy and now you have a girl — you can change the look of the play yard to match the décor of your child’s room. There are more than a dozen patterns, colors and styles available from COVERPLAY. The web site,, also offers two different fabrics: a cotton Lycra slipcover and a chenille slipcover.

While play yards are typically portable, families that travel often quickly find out that they can still be somewhat difficult to transport. As well, with the price of checking luggage, it is a cost most parents would like to avoid. With hotels offering play yards to their guests, the COVERPLAY slip cover becomes a more convenient and affordable option for parents. At only 1 pound, it’s easy to throw in your suitcase right next to your favorite shirt! As well, it eliminates the worry and wonder of how clean the hotel play yard is that is being provided. Placing an infant or toddler in a play pen that hasn’t been properly cleaned can lead to severe illness for a child. Even when cleaned, viruses can still live on the rails of a play yard for up to four days. Until recently, parents had two choices when traveling away from home: they could take a chance with the play yard the hotel provides or they could lug their own play yard all over the place instead. COVERPLAY eliminates this hassle.

Machine washable, clean, safe, colorful and easy to use for travel and home are the elements that make COVERPLAY slip covers an essential product to own for every parent.