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Coverplay Pack ‘n Play Slipcovers Featured in Twins Magazine

Coverplay in TWINS Magazine

Have you ever been at a hotel with your infant or toddler twins and requested a port-o-crib to use that wasn’t very clean or sanitary? That’s exactly what happened to the Costa family when they were traveling with their twins, so they did something about it. They have invented a great new slipcover that is reducing germ exposure to newborns or toddlers while using a play yard.

This family has done their research and learned that typically play yards are never cleaned which increases the risk of infection. They conducted studies to find leftover food, blood, saliva stains and a whole host of other bacteria present in the play yards after each use. This product eliminates the exposure and all you need to do is remove the slipcover from the unit after use and wash it. Using this product will not only reduce germ exposure and keep your twins from unwanted germs, but lengthen the life of the play yard, as well. The basic fabric used is cotton Lycra, which allows it to stretch around the device for a snug fit. Each one has playful and decorative designs and is machine washable and pediatrician recommended.