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Directions for Your Coverplay

So you have received your Coverplay slipcover, but now what? It is really easy to slip it right over your child’s play yard and make it germ-free and beautiful! Here are directions for your Coverplay, if you might be having trouble, courtesy of our website:

  1. Assemble your portable play yard according to the instructions that come with your specific model/brand. Do not place the mat inside the play yard until after COVERPLAY is properly secured.
  2. Remove COVERPLAY from its package and place over the portable play yard. Align the slits on the bottom of COVERPLAY with the slits on the bottom of your portable play yard.
  3. On the underside of your mat, open the two hook and loop tabs and place through the slits in the bottom of both COVERPLAY and your portable play yard. (See fig. 1)
  4. Secure the hook and loop enclosures. Lock your mat in place by pressing down on all four corners.
  5. Secure the attached hook and loop tabs around all the legs of your portable play yard. (See Fig. 2)

Coverplay Instructions - 1

Coverplay Instructions - 2

Editor’s note: the original instructions are here and our two-and-a-half minute video demonstration shows how simple and quick Coverplay setup can be!