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How To Clean A Play Yard

Let’s think about everything that goes on in a play yard.  Babies eat, drink, drool, teethe, play, sleep, pee pee and poo poo, (yes, we said that).  All of this can create a germ-filled and pretty dirty play yard.

Cleaning a play yard is not so easy. Not only are we going to tell you how to clean them, we are also going to show you a video on how to clean them. This you have to see!

First, fill a bathtub with hot boiling water add baking soda, vinegar and laundry soap. You can’t use everyday cleaners — they may be toxic for babies.  Then put all the components of the play yard in the tub and soak it for about an hour. After an hour, go back to the bathroom to turn it over to clean the flip side. Oh and don’t be too grossed out by what you see!  The water will be dark brown and filthy.  To think your little one was sleeping in this! After you soak the play yard, bring it outside and rinse with a hose. Then, let it stay outside until it is dry. (Hopefully it isn’t winter and 20 degrees.) You may want to repeat!

Another option for keeping your play yard clean is pretty simple. Just use a washable COVERPLAY slipcover!! The COVERPLAY slipcover lines the inside and outside of the play yard, keeping your baby protected from ick and yuck.  After the COVERPLAY slipcover gets dirty, toss it in the laundry. It is that simple! You can choose from a variety of cool patterns and designs that really make the play yard look great.

COVERPLAY now offers their own brand of SAFE and affordable play yards that meet the highest safety standards. COVERPLAY play yards are JPMA certified!

Keep your little ones safe and happy and use the first play yard slipcover designed for your little ones. COVERPLAY, as seen on SHARK TANK, is MOM created and WOMAN OWNED.

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Sweat Suits for the Little Guys…

Stylish infant sweatsuits made of cozy velour.
Stylish infant sweatsuits made of cozy velour.

These make fantastic baby shower, newborn and up to two-year-old gifts. Even if they don’t fit right away, they will be looking forward to it. You wanted to get that special, unique baby gift and you just landed right on it. The coolest velour infant sweat suits you’ve ever seen.

These pack and play suits come with pink, blue or white piping, with matching interior hood lining. You can leave the suits plain or personalize them with the letter of your choice.

Velour sweat suits generously sized 6-12 Months or 2T. Cuffs are snug so the sleeves stay baggy and leg gussets zipper. Go get your sweat suit at GoToBaby today!

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5 Tier King of the Jungle (diaper “cake”)

Diaper 'cake' design made with 110 diapers & decorated. Gift idea!

This amazingly cute diaper cake is sure to be a unique baby gift and the talk of the baby shower! The 5 Tier King of the Jungle Lion Diaper Cake is made with 110 Pampers Swaddlers (size 1). The plush Nojo Lion that adorns this diaper cake gift could very well become the baby’s best playtime friend.

Lots of blue, green and brown polka dot ribbons and cute lion and palm tree embellishments set this off in style. The Diaper cake is very large — approximately 23″ high on a 12″ round cake board.

Check out Simply Unique Baby Gifts to get this adorable diaper cake!

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Twinprints – Baby Twins’ Gifts

Twinprints - baby twins gifts

Twins are double the pleasure — triplets are triple the fun! As we continue our search for the ultimate in unique baby gifts, the COVERPLAYARD blog focuses on gifts for twins and triplets this week! Surprise everyone with adorable, fun and memorable gifts that come for twins and triplets.

Send them to their home or take these great selections to the baby shower! Either way, they are a great pack and play gift! Mom and Dad will really appreciate this frame that will help them remember the many special months to come! This children’s handprint frame makes great twins gifts. It’s an 11×14 white framed keepsake with spaces for both twin’s handprint, footprint and photograph.

So if you are wondering what to get a friend or loved-one expecting twins, this is a perfect keepsake for a mom. So check them out at SimplyUniqueBabyGifts today!

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Sometimes I Need a “Pick-me-up,” Too…

pick-me-up - one-piece baby clothes

One-Piece Baby Clothes

A one-piece with a sense of humor… Canopy Cards has just introduced these adorable “Funsies” with the same wit and catchy messages as their popular stationery, Baby Love Letters sets and Thank You notes!

This cute and unique baby gift comes in long sleeve and is 100% cotton. Screen-printing in easy-to-read black. And best of all, unlike many other pricey unique baby gifts, this one is machine washable.

The second part that says, “Seriously. Pick me up.” is on the back side of this hilarious one-piece.