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Sweat Suits for the Little Guys…

Stylish infant sweatsuits made of cozy velour.
Stylish infant sweatsuits made of cozy velour.

These make fantastic baby shower, newborn and up to two-year-old gifts. Even if they don’t fit right away, they will be looking forward to it. You wanted to get that special, unique baby gift and you just landed right on it. The coolest velour infant sweat suits you’ve ever seen.

These pack and play suits come with pink, blue or white piping, with matching interior hood lining. You can leave the suits plain or personalize them with the letter of your choice.

Velour sweat suits generously sized 6-12 Months or 2T. Cuffs are snug so the sleeves stay baggy and leg gussets zipper. Go get your sweat suit at GoToBaby today!