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Coverplay Reviews!

See what our satisfied customers are saying about clean play yards with Coverplay!

Clean Play Yards Surfaces

“COVERPLAYARD is the perfect answer to my ‘germaphobic’ tendencies. I took it with me on vacation to a major hotel chain and then to a summer shore rental. Both places were clean, but in the past I’d refused to let my infant sleep in a play yard used by multiple strangers. In fact, I used to dread going on vacation with the kids because the thought of packing a play yard was so daunting. That’s why COVERPLAY is the solution to all my issues. I don’t have to pack a play yard and I don’t have to worry about germs.

“Not only is COVERPLAYARD easy to use, it’s multi-functional. I even spiced up my old, out-of-date play yard with a cool COVERPLAYARD cover that actually matches my living room furniture. It single-handedly gave me my living space back while providing a baby-friendly atmosphere for my son. My living room looks neat, but Sam has a place to sleep and hang out as well.”

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