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Cool Mom Picks Coverplay

“I’m no germaphobe, but the idea of putting my bundle of joy in a hotel-supplied Pack-n-Play which may have been cleaned with industrial-strength chemical cleaners or worse, nothing at all, gives me the heebie jeebies.

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“Fortunately, the solution isn’t to haul your own twenty-pound play yard through an airline’s baggage check.

“Instead, I’d pick up a lightweight Coverplay play yard slipcover which we discovered way back in 2007. Since then they’ve added matching sheets and loads of new styles. Another cool thing is that now more than 2500 hotels in the Marriott chain, through the Marriott Tots Travel Too program, are offering them free with their own own play yards for guests. It’s available at Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, Courtyard by Marriott and a couple others, so definitely call ahead to check with your hotel before your trip.

“But I say, it’s not a bad idea to get your own Coverplay anyway. For that play yard that grandma found for a steal! and keeps in the dusty basement in anticipation of your arrival, or for those hotels that aren’t yet on board. It will definitely help you rest easier. This is, after all, vacation we’re talking about.”