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Cover Play Success

The success of Coverplay is astounding, beginning with the brilliant idea of one mother who was tired of the drab look of a play yard and the time it took to clean one. Allison Costa, mother of twin boys, decided to make her life easier, and the lives of all moms, by creating such a wonderful and functional tool for young children.

Coverplay is a decorative slipcover made for portable play yards. Amy Feldman, Costa’s fellow designer, helped create this beautiful, chic line that can be easily matched to any child’s room. It comes in various designs from stripes to polka dots to classic solids made of soft chenille.

This San Diego company is owned and operated by Allison Costa. It has come a long way from when Allison first thought of how difficult it was to clean her children’s dreary-looking play yard. After teaming up with designer Amy Feldman, they appeared on the ABC show SharkTank hoping for the approval and financial support of its “big business players.”

Appearing on this show helped them successfully get out their name and product. They even have been featured in many other media outlets, from Twins Magazine to Their next victory came when a deal was signed with five Marriott brands: Marriott now provides Coverplay in their new Tots Travel Too program.

Although Cover play success is a wonderful achievement for both Costa and Feldman, the real success story is the one happening for the parents who purchase this product. Coverplay really can make a mom’s or dad’s life easier by providing a safe and clean environment for their child to play and sleep in.