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Honoring the Inventor: Allison Costa

According to “Honoring the Inventor” blog, below is some useful and interesting information on Coverplay and its inventor, Allison Costa.

“Here’s the key patent behind Coverplay, featured on ABC’s Shark Tank show last week.

Allison Costa’s patent 7,401,366 titled Children’s play yard and elastic, removable liner was issued on 7/22/2008

“Various embodiments of the invention are directed towards a baby play yard cover or lining that lines the walls and floor of a baby play yard in order that the play yard is protected from soiling by the baby. Various embodiments of the invention are re-attachable such that the play yard liner may be washed separately from the play yard. The play yard cover has a plurality of elastic reinforcing portions which facilitate the securing of the cover to its corresponding play yard.

“And yes, the company won funding from the Sharks…”

Coverplay is the new “in” when it comes to baby and child products. Not only does this miraculous creation add flair and beauty to a dull and drab play yard, but it also protects your child from germs and bacteria. Especially if you are traveling and on the road, having to put your kids in rented or hotel-provided play yards can be worrisome, especially when it comes to germs. With Coverplay, all those fears can be cast aside and you can be sure your child will be able to play in a safe and germ-free environment!