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Holiday Travels With Kids!

There is nothing more exciting than going on vacation with the family, but remember that if you are packing for holiday travels with kids, there may be a few more items to bring along than usual. If you are traveling out of the country, some of your favorite products may not be available such as the particular brand of baby wipes you use, so make sure you do not forget anything. You do not want to over pack, but there is nothing wrong with being a prepared family. Here are a few tips for packing with kids:

  • Your Coverplay slip cover and portable play yard. Of course, if you have small children, and especially on vacation, you want to keep them safe but still allow them to play about. The solution is the Coverplay slipcover. Not only does it add some flair to the play yard, it also protects your kids from germs! Sick kids on holidays are not fun!
  • Depending on where you travel, your children may get into messes everywhere they go or the bathrooms may not be well equipped. This means that you have to be prepared at all times. Carrying around baby wipes will take care of any bathroom emergencies as well as keeping the kiddies clean. If someone spills something, you will have baby wipes to clean up the mess on the spot. You may also want to bring some hand sanitizer to kill those germs, especially after sightseeing or playing in a local park.
  • It may be custom for you to bring along car seats and strollers on your vacations while traveling by air. However, these items may cost a lot to tag along. Check out rental prices, as you may find it cheaper to rent these bulkier items than to bring them along for the ride.
  • Do not pack more than necessary. Remember you can mix and match your outfits so for a 10-day trip, do not pack more than three pairs of jeans and five shirts. Depending on where you are going, you may need to pack a warm jacket or a few bathing suits. Only pack the essentials and tell yourself “no” if you know you are bringing too much. Plus, if you are traveling to an area that sells cheap clothing, you may not want to pack all that much; leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs and gifts for your return.