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Germ-Ridden Play Yards the Latest Threat to Health of Toddlers

New moms have a lot on their minds, not least of all the health of the precious new life they have brought into the world. Play yards are one of the main objects a baby comes in contact with throughout the day, so it is no surprise that they can become dirty in no time. Dirty play yards can be covered with germs, bacteria and viruses, which can live on the play yard surface for up to four days. Protective moms will soon find that play yards are not always easy to clean.

COVERPLAY Helps Parents Save Time and Worry

To keep your baby’s play yard clean and germ-free, consider the simple solution of a COVERPLAY slipcover. A COVERPLAY slipcover fits easily over many styles of play yards and offers baby an essential germ-free environment to play in. As soon as the slipcover is soiled, pull it off and throw it in the washer. This provides an easy way for moms to have a clean play yard again in a very short time.

COVERPLAY slipcovers are a must for traveling. Each year, over 7 million babies two years of age and younger stay in hotels. Most hotels offer play yards for use without any type of cover to protect your baby from germs. Bringing your COVERPLAY slipcover offers that vital hygienic barrier between your baby and any dirty surfaces. Whenever you are traveling with a young child or baby, you must be increasingly aware of what your child touches or puts into his or her mouth. Moms will be pleased with the ease of use and convenience the COVERPLAY play yard slipcover has to offer. COVERPLAY slipcovers also offers vital protection for babies against germs so moms will rest assured that their babies are safe and comfortable.

Play yards can be used indoors or outdoors, which is why using a COVERPLAY slipcover is an essential addition to making sure the play yard is as clean as possible. A COVERPLAY slipcover makes life easier for moms by taking the brunt of baby’s accidents along with any messes that nature inevitably brings. Such messes could linger and fester on an unprotected play yard surface, but with an ease of use of the COVERPLAY slipcover, any stains can be quickly and easily removed in the washer.

COVERPLAY slipcovers are available in a wide array of colors and designs. Their styles are fun and trendy, so that parents are able to easily show off the unique personality of their child or even match the play yard to the décor of the house. The play yard cover material is durable yet soft so it will survive many washes and still be comfortable against your baby’s sensitive skin. A COVERPLAY slipcover is a critical item to make it easy for moms to care for their baby. It is no wonder that the COVERPLAY slipcover has been highly recommended for preventing germs by pediatricians across the county.