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“Made Here Baby!” Features Coverplay Pack ‘n Play Slipcovers

book cover: Made Here Baby

Cover Play Yard manufactures an ingenious slipcover liner for play yards that is especially valuable when parents are traveling with their baby and must use the play yards provided by the hotels. The item is also perfect for home use, as well. The product is available in boys’ or girls’ colors, or several different designer fabrics perfect for any room decor; fabrics include chenille, cotton lycra and denim.

Interesting fact: Allison Costa is the mother of twin boys who used to do a lot of traveling with her family. On one vacation she requested a play yard for the room, and the play yard was so filthy that she sent it back—and then another, and another! As she was waiting for the hotel to clean the “best of the worst” play yards, she wondered why no one had designed a slipcover liner that could be taken off a play yard, washed, and then used again. A furniture designer by avocation, Allison realized she had already made a prototype at home for another piece of baby furniture. When she returned home with her family, she designed the first Cover Play Yard, then she applied for patents, and a successful company was born.

How to find: The best way to order the Cover Play Yard is directly through the company Web site. If you don’t have a computer or need additional assistance, please call the customer service number.