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How To Clean A Play Yard

Let’s think about everything that goes on in a play yard.  Baby’s eat, drink, drool, teethe, play, sleep, pee pee and poo poo, (yes, we said that).  All of this can create a germ filled and pretty dirty play yard. Cleaning a play yard is not so easy. Not only are we going to tell […]

Coverplay: Building A Business By Addressing A Small & Simple Need

COVERPLAY was discussed again in a blog called A Consultant’s Chronicles: The business blog for Means to an End — a mediation, HR training and organizational consulting service in the SF Bay area. The author discusses why COVERPLAY’s slipcovers work — it’s a simple and smart idea that is necessary. The author goes on to […]

Shark Tank Helps Educate About Angel Investing

Raising money for your start-up is difficult. There are few people that are willing to invest their money in someone else’s relatively unproven business, but even if you have those people, fewer businesses have the right characteristics to be financed through an external capital raise. featured an article that discussed Shark Tank, its use […]

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Are You a Shark?

Daymond John, fashion mogul and FUBU Founder and CEO discusses the roller coaster ride in episode four of The Shark Tank. In his post, he includes his thoughts on other entrepreneurs that came on before COVERPLAY, how much he loved Allison and Amy’s idea and business savvy, and why he wasn’t able to negotiate his […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs!!

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs!!

COVERPLAY appears on ABC’s new hit TV show!! COVERPLAY owners turned Shark Tank entrepreneurs, Allison Costa and Amy Feldman, appeared on ABC’s hit TV show The Shark Tank on Sunday August 30, 2009. The women impressed the investors with their business savvy and the potential of their play yard product that fits most standard play […]