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Cool Mom Picks Coverplay

“I’m no germaphobe, but the idea of putting my bundle of joy in a hotel-supplied Pack-n-Play which may have been cleaned with industrial-strength chemical cleaners or worse, nothing at all, gives me the heebie jeebies.

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“Fortunately, the solution isn’t to haul your own twenty-pound play yard through an airline’s baggage check.

“Instead, I’d pick up a lightweight Coverplay play yard slipcover which we discovered way back in 2007. Since then they’ve added matching sheets and loads of new styles. Another cool thing is that now more than 2500 hotels in the Marriott chain, through the Marriott Tots Travel Too program, are offering them free with their own own play yards for guests. It’s available at Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, Courtyard by Marriott and a couple others, so definitely call ahead to check with your hotel before your trip.

“But I say, it’s not a bad idea to get your own Coverplay anyway. For that play yard that grandma found for a steal! and keeps in the dusty basement in anticipation of your arrival, or for those hotels that aren’t yet on board. It will definitely help you rest easier. This is, after all, vacation we’re talking about.”

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Tips for Parents: Keeping Kids Healthy

Doctors offer the following tips to parents for…

…keeping kids healthy:

  • Make sure that your kids wash their hands. This is the single most effective method for disease prevention. Hands should be scrubbed for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Don’t allow your children to share utensils. Although learning to share is important, this shouldn’t apply to cups, glasses or eating utensils.
  • Make sure your children get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation stresses the immune system. Most children need at least eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Allow for a full recovery. Do not send your kids to school when they are sick.
  • Keep your children up-to-date on vaccines. New vaccines guard against an array of dangerous illnesses, including meningitis.
  • Get a Coverplay slip cover for your child’s play yard. Not only does this protect your child from viruses and bacteria it also prevents your child from spreading it as well! Coverplay slip covers are the ideal solution for a clean environment for your child at all time!
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Teach Your Kids How to Stay Healthy

Below are some tips to remember when teaching your kids how to stay healthy. Some are obvious and some can be overlooked. Take a look at the list below and see what you can include in educating your child about keeping themselves healthy.

Kids Health Information Tip #1: Cover Your Mouth!

In order to keep germs from floating to those around us, it is important to cover our mouth when we cough, sneeze, or even yawn. Teach your child to cover their mouth and they’ll be healthier for it.

Kids Health Information Tip #2: Wash Your Hands!

Washing hands after using the restroom is something we all know. But what about other times? Teach your child to wash their hands after the following activities: sneezing or coughing, playing at the playground, before and after meals, or other activities where their hands are around potential germs.

Kids Health Information Tip #3: Brush and Floss Your Teeth!

Brushing is important. So if flossing! Make sure your child is taking good care of their teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing each night before they go to bed.

Kids Health Information Tip #4: Get a Coverplay Slip Cover

Good hygiene is always important but so is keeping your living area clean. With Coverplay slip covers for your child’s play yard it it both stylish and germ-free. The material of the sheets is made to repel germs and keep your child in a safe and clean environment.

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Kids and Germs

A number of moms and dads aren’t certain exactly where to draw the line with guarding their children from germs. No one wants to become observed as an above protective get worried wart, but no one wishes to let their little ones get sick. For new parents, the line between being loving and obsessive can occasionally appear somewhat obscure. You will find so areas a youngster could pick up germs, from your hand cart at the shop to his greatest friend at school. Just before you go wiping down all of the hand carts with anti-bacterial wipes, bear in mind that you simply cannot keep them from all germs. You may only hope they’re wise enough to refrain from placing the bacteria in their body.

One of the most vital point you possibly can do in this region is teach your kids about germs. Often, they will make their own decisions on what’s safe and what’s not. Make an effort to explain how viruses spread and how they could trigger you to become sick. You may have seen the hand washing posters in colleges and public restrooms. Such points are beneficial for youngsters, since it teaches them the basics. There’s no need to make them scared of the outside world, just stress things like washing hands before managing food or touching your eyes.

Coverplay play yard covers are another great way to cope with kids and germs. Coverplay play yard covers are antibacterial and let your child play in a safe and comfortable environment! This is a unique and affordable way to prevent the spread of germs with your child.

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Pediatrician Recommended Slipcovers for Babies

Becoming a parent means there is a whole new world of dangers you begin to worry about. Keeping your children germ-free is a big part of that stress. Coverplay, a slipcover for play yards, can help decrease some of that stress by providing a line of defense from germs. This wonderful design comes pediatrician recommended. Many pediatricians even use this product to protect their own children and grandchildren.

“Every year millions of infections in children occur because of the failure to protect against infectious diseases that cause diarrhea, pneumonia and multiple other infectious diseases. This simple product will help in protecting children against contaminated play yards.”

Coverplay is a wonderful collection of stylish slipcovers that provide an easy fit over almost any standard size play yard. They provide an area where a safe environment is created for your child to sleep and play in. Obviously, as time goes on, messes and nature play a role in creating stains. Luckily, with Coverplay you can properly cleanse it to keep the bacteria and viruses away. Coverplay is machine washable and easy to take on and off your play yard.

The Coverplay slipcover has become an essential solution for shielding young children from infectious diseases. As a parent, you are constantly worrying about what might be coming into contact with your child. The Coverplay will help reduce some of that stress and worry by giving your child a convenient and clean play yard safeguarded from germs and viruses.