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Cover Play Success

The success of Coverplay is astounding, beginning with the brilliant idea of one mother who was tired of the drab look of a play yard and the time it took to clean one. Allison Costa, mother of twin boys, decided to make her life easier, and the lives of all moms, by creating such a wonderful and functional tool for young children.

Coverplay is a decorative slipcover made for portable play yards. Amy Feldman, Costa’s fellow designer, helped create this beautiful, chic line that can be easily matched to any child’s room. It comes in various designs from stripes to polka dots to classic solids made of soft chenille.

This San Diego company is owned and operated by Allison Costa. It has come a long way from when Allison first thought of how difficult it was to clean her children’s dreary-looking play yard. After teaming up with designer Amy Feldman, they appeared on the ABC show SharkTank hoping for the approval and financial support of its “big business players.”

Appearing on this show helped them successfully get out their name and product. They even have been featured in many other media outlets, from Twins Magazine to Their next victory came when a deal was signed with five Marriott brands: Marriott now provides Coverplay in their new Tots Travel Too program.

Although Cover play success is a wonderful achievement for both Costa and Feldman, the real success story is the one happening for the parents who purchase this product. Coverplay really can make a mom’s or dad’s life easier by providing a safe and clean environment for their child to play and sleep in.

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We’re Making Headlines Everywhere!

The Fashionable Bambino has this wonderful news to say about us:

“Do you ever have spills in your Pack ‘n Play? Does the thought of using a portable crib at a hotel scare and disgust you, thinking of unwanted germs from previous users? The creators of Coverplay have the solution to the problem of maintaining a clean portable crib — every mother’s dream invention… the Coverplay.

“Allison Costa, mother of twin boys and interior decorator, created Coverplay. After her sons were born, she quickly became frustrated with how hard it was to keep the port-a-crib clean. Allison recruited her designer friend, Amy, to help create the fun, whimsical designs of Coverplay. Now Coverplay is the first slipcover for play yards. The Coverplay comes in “his” and “her” designs, as well as polka dots, solids, chenille and cotton lycra. Its care involves washing in warm water, tumbling dry, removing promptly from the dryer and voila… a clean play yard, all because of a snazzy slipcover. Coverplay even has a new line of sheets to use with your slipcovers.

“Using the Coverplay is pretty easy. Simply follow the instructions on setting up your play yard, waiting to put in the mattress bottom. Cover your play yard with your new slipcover, attaching the rings on the legs of your play yard and inserting your mattress bottom as described and you are all set. Coverplay’s website gives much attention to the use and care of its slipcovers, so be sure to check out”

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Honoring the Inventor: Allison Costa

According to “Honoring the Inventor” blog, below is some useful and interesting information on Coverplay and its inventor, Allison Costa.

“Here’s the key patent behind Coverplay, featured on ABC’s Shark Tank show last week.

Allison Costa’s patent 7,401,366 titled Children’s play yard and elastic, removable liner was issued on 7/22/2008

“Various embodiments of the invention are directed towards a baby play yard cover or lining that lines the walls and floor of a baby play yard in order that the play yard is protected from soiling by the baby. Various embodiments of the invention are re-attachable such that the play yard liner may be washed separately from the play yard. The play yard cover has a plurality of elastic reinforcing portions which facilitate the securing of the cover to its corresponding play yard.

“And yes, the company won funding from the Sharks…”

Coverplay is the new “in” when it comes to baby and child products. Not only does this miraculous creation add flair and beauty to a dull and drab play yard, but it also protects your child from germs and bacteria. Especially if you are traveling and on the road, having to put your kids in rented or hotel-provided play yards can be worrisome, especially when it comes to germs. With Coverplay, all those fears can be cast aside and you can be sure your child will be able to play in a safe and germ-free environment!

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Growing the Coverplay Brand in Major Outlets

WalMart catalog showing Coverplay
Coverplay brand presence grows in big-name retail spaces.

COVERPLAY play yard covers are now being sold at BabyAge, Amazon, Babies R Us and, most recently, WalMart. The play yard sheets are popping up in major retail outlets everywhere and they are flying off the shelves. At WalMart, the playard slipcovers are being sold on the website alongside “Baby Gear” items like car seats, high chairs and strollers. While Babies R Us also features the slipcovers with car seats and strollers, they categorize them underneath “Spring’s Here Baby” and sell them with sand and beach toys, swimming pool toys and First Aid kits.

Since COVERPLAY slipcovers are both a hygienic and decorative baby item, they are attractive to consumers for multiple reasons. They keep babies clean and protect them from germs while instantly improving the design and appearance of your baby’s playpen! This is why major outlets are taking advantage of the ability to test sales in different product categories… Just some more reasons to get one today!